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Strategy & Organization

Strategy & Organization

A church’s success stands on a reliable foundation of strategy and organization. We provide the tools and guidance to help our clients establish a sustainable plan to solve current issues and put the framework in place for future advancement. Our focused, yet comprehensive, approach is tailored to your leadership and has proven to benefit a variety of churches. When we are done, the church will have a 1-3 year road map to help you identify and navigate the critical next steps in a healthy and easily communicated way.

Ministry Finance & Fund Raising

Ministry Finance & Fund Raising

Working side-by-side with your pastor, we help your church create unparalleled value and competitive advantages through strategic ministry finance. Our team has real-time experience in donor relations, capital campaigns and best practices. We can help you have "totally transparent finances" and make it through an audit with a score that honors God and encourages donors. We can also recommend ways to engage givers and improve the overall financial health of your members and their families.

Best Practice Systems & Processes

Best Practice Systems & Processes

With nearly 20 years of for-profit and 13+ years of non-for-profit leadership experience, our Business/Ministry Coaches have accumulated many best practices that will help your church run more efficiently and leverage its' resources to their maximum impact. Plus, they know how to modify the business aspects of the practices so that they work in a ministry setting. 

Operations Management

Operations Management

Are you getting the most out of your campus and buildings? Are your operational expenses for utilities, data/phone, maintenance, and cleaning draining funds away from ministry? Our experienced business/ministry coaches can help evaluate expenses and processes & recommend new best practice ways to reduce expenses & help the church more effectively use the resources available. They excel at creating and implementing systems and policies that help the church's people support services run at maximum efficiency. Then we help train and development your staff so that they can operate the systems after we are gone. This is just one more of the services that we can provide while performing our part-time duties at your church.

Staff Assessment & Development

Staff Assessment & Development

Now more than ever before, churches need to engage and empower staff to serve in a healthy, high-performance, and sustainable way. We can help assess staff, design reality-based job descriptions, and then development their skills and confidence in a way that brings it all together. Our solutions help churches define clear goals and integrate effective disciplines into their roles that improve efficiency and long-term health.

New Building Project Management

New Building Project Management

Running out of space, short on funding, and looking for creative ways to expand? We can help you pick an architect and contractor and manage the entire process from start to finish. We have experience with design and build, steel buildings, and out-fitting the IT & AV services. Plus we know how to include the congregation with communication and promotional techniques.

Recruiting, Elder Training, & Ministry Development

Recruiting, Elder Training, & Ministry Development

As churches grow and evolve, the most important component to keep in tact is its' unique DNA and calling. Hiring the right staff, preparing the Elder's to oversee and protect, and launching the best possible ministry programs helps protect the DNA and health of the church long-term. Our business/ministry coaches have experience in these areas and can help you design job descriptions that scale for growth and match the requirements. They can also help your Elder's understand the Biblical mandates that they serve within and how best to help lead the church. Finally, they can help ensure that the ministry that the staff delivers aligns with the vision and mission of the church.

our packages

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Basic Package

Option #1

Churches with 100 or Fewer Members

Advanced Package

Option #3

Churches with 801 or More Members 

Growth Package

Option #2

Churches with 101 to 800 Members

Hourly/Project Package

Option #4

For consulting and ad hoc 1 on 1 sessions

Services Provided Regardless of Size

  • Unlimited Phone Calls, Emails, and Text Messages

  • 4 x 1 Hour Zoom Sessions or 4 Onsite Visits for At Least 4 or More Hours

  • 30-, 90-, & 150-Day Strategic Roadmaps for Next Steps

  • Review of Finances and Best Practice Recommendations
    1) Ministry Focused Budgeting Process
    2) Best Practice General Ledger Tuning & Recommendations
    3) Donor Growth & Mobilization Strategies
    4) New Board Dashboards & Income/Expense Projection Tools
    5) Expense Assessment & Reduction Recommendations

  • Staff Assessment & Individual Next Steps and Development Plans

  • Access to 285+ General Policies, Guidelines, and Leadership Tools

  • Access to a Ministry Sensitive Staff Handbook That Is Fresh and Best Practices

  • Access to Vetted, Expert Vendors to Help in All Ministry & Business Areas

  • Assessment of All Equipment & Plan/Budget for Replacement or Updates

  • IT Environment and Policy Review and Plans to Improve or Update

  • Assess to Security/Safety Team Plans and Guidelines

  • Executive Coaching & Personal Development Guidance

  • Confidential Friend & Pastoral Coach

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